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Does organic Honey Crystallize?

The short version of the answer is, Yes! organic honey crystalize. To clarify, it solidifies and harden in lower temperature. It is a natural process, and honey is totally safe to eat.

What is the reason for crystallization?

Honey has 2 supersaturated forms of sugar, that is, glucose and fructose. Honey contains a total of 70% sugar (glucose and fructose) and less than 20% of water. The excess amount of sugars makes it unstable, a natural process occurs and honey crystallizes. fructose is actually fruit sugar and glucose is grape sugar. Honey has around 45% of fructose and 25% of glucose.

Following are a myth about crystallizes honey, It is adultered honey or it contains a huge amount of sugar or it is spoiled. But on the other hand, honey that crystallizes, prove that it is organic and pure. All of these are misconceptions about honey. Since the very day first, it is one of the biggest challenges for My Honey team to deal with this myth.

It is not only low temperature that makes honey crystalize,

There are 3 reasons, that honey gets crystalizes,

  1. The ratio of glucose and fructose
  2. Pollen
  3. Temperature

The ratio of glucose and fructose

To clarify, honey contains a big proportion of super-saturated glucose and fructose. The proportion of these 2 varies, with the plant’s bees feed on to make honey. It is the glucose that crystalizes the honey. The increase in fructose quantity in honey, increase the resistance towards a crystallization. On the other hand, an increase in glucose quantity decrease resistance towards a crystallization.


Pollen in honey is totally normal, it actually shows the origin of honey. Honey with pollen is great. Certainly, if pollen ratio is increased in honey, it will also show less resistance towards a crystallization.


Honey will crystallize when storing in lower than 10ºC. Best practice is to keep honey at room temperature as honey never get spoiled.

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