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Cashews salted/Roasted



  • ✔ Net Weight 150g | 400g | 900g.
  • ✔ This is roasted cashews
  • ✔ This season fresh cashews
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Product Description

Where do cashews nuts come from?

Cashews nut mainly comes from India, China, and Africa. Cashew trees are also found in the tropical forest of Brazil. The botanical name of the cashew tree is an Anacardium occidentale. It produces cashew apple which resembles in shape with a small pear at the end of this fruit the cashew nut is attached.

Health Benefits

  1. Cashew has the highest level of magnesium than in any three nuts.
  2. Cashew nuts are one of the good sources of vitamin E.
  3. This nut has the cancer-fighting phytochemicals.
  4. The researchers have found the toxic oil in the nutshell as an antibiotic.
  5.  According to the research of the University of California Berkley, the anarchic acid found in a nutshell is effective bacteria that cause acne, as well as tooth decay and tooth enamels.
  6. Cashews nut oil and the leaves, as well as the bark of its tree all, are used in traditional medicines practices
  7. Medical research shows that eating more nuts like cashews can reduce cardiovascular diseases as well as other heart problems.
  8. Eating cashews nut reduces blood pressure and raises good cholesterol level in the blood.
  9. Minerals like potassium and vitamins like vitamins–E and B-6, and folic acid also fights against heart disease.
  10. The copper and iron found in cashews nuts produce red blood cells, keeping our blood vessels healthy, nerve cells, bones, and immune systems are strong and healthy.
  11. Cashews are good sources of lutein zeaxanthin which are antioxidants, when eating daily these antioxidants protect the eye from damage and blindness.
  12. Eating these nuts also minimizes the risk of cataracts.
  13. According to Harvard University, research two pieces of nuts is helpful against heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes.
  14. The fat found in cashew is good fat.


Two ounces of raw cashews nuts contain the following food ingredients

Calories314 calories
Carbohydrates18.4 g
Protein10.2 g
Fat24.8 g
Fiber2 g
Vitamin E0.6 mg
Vitamin K19 mcg
Vitamin B-60.2 mg
Calcium10.4 mg
Sodium6.8 mg
Potassium374 mg
Magnesium166 mg
Folate14 ug

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