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Black Forest Honey


  • ✔ Weight 420 grams.
  • ✔ My Honey is 100% Natural, Raw and Cold Extracted honey.
  • ✔ Perfectly delicious honey, with absolutely no artificial colors, flavors, or additives.
  • ✔ Uncooked, unpasteurized, unaltered.
  • ✔ Free of chemicals, additives, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, and pollutants.
  • ✔ My Honey maintains Natural enzymes, pollens, amino acids, propolis, vitamins, minerals, flavor, and color.

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Product Description

Origin of Black forest honey

The world’s second-largest Juniper forest is in Pakistan in the Ziarat valley of Baluchistan. This forest a national reservation area for tourists. Tourists come from all over the world because of this forest to see its beauty. Beside wild Juniper trees, small herbs are also there in this forest-like Cinnamon flower and Lavender flower. Small beekeepers from all over the country came here. Honey bees take nectar juice from these three flowering plants and make Black forest Honey from this juice.

Black Forest honey is mainly produced here in this valley. It is one of the best in the world. Many European tourists visiting this forest were looking to buy Black Forest Honey. They buy it at prices far higher than those of regular flower blossom honey in other parts of the country. Only then our beekeepers opened up to the health benefits of this rare honey and began its production. Therefore, with proper education and training from US Aid, our beekeepers are now aware of how to care for the bees and grow healthy beehives to produce quality honey for national and international markets.


Color: Dark red to rich amber

Consistency: smooth and moderately thick

Taste: a unique flavor sweet full-bodied with light cinnamon and lavender notes

Black Forest Health benefits

This honey is rich in minerals, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium. Therefore good in muscle weakness, anemia, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, boost energy, strengthening the heart, cure virus and flu infection, good for respiratory organs, this is considered an alternative to cold and cough medication. Remove bad cholesterol, clean the gall bladder, and prevent arthritis pain in combination with cinnamon powder and warm water.

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Weight 420 kg


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