Natural, Organic
and Cold Extracted

Organic Honey has several requirements, the honey should be 100% natural, unadulterated, unpasteurized and extract through the cold extraction process.

My Honey is the Pakistan largest online organic honey store. We purchase honey from small beekeepers and make sure the honey is 100% organic.


All Pure, Natural & Cold Extracted


Special Summer Deals

Rs. 1600

Rs. 1500

Deal 3

1 jar of Acacia Honey and 1 jar of Orange Blossom Honey. Each jar has 420 grams of honey. You will get a total of 840 grams of Honey.

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Rs. 3120

Rs. 3000

Deal 1

2 jars of Sidr (beri) Honey. Each jar has 420 grams of honey. You will get a total of 840 grams of Honey.

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Rs. 2510

Rs. 2400

Deal 2

1 Jar of Sidr(beri) honey and 1 jar of Orange Blossom honey. Each jar has 420 grams of honey. You will get a total of 840 grams of Honey.

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The Journey of Organic World!

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My Honey delivers natural, organic and cold extracted honey nationwide.

Honey and green tea are both well-known for their health benefits, but did you know that they work even better together? That’s correct, it indeed benefit your health. Green Tea First, let’s talk about green tea. Green tea is packed with antioxidants called catechins, which have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease […]

There are many species, some of them are small, some larger. Apis floera & Apis andreniformis are the small bee or dwarf honey (Giant honey bee are known as Apis dorsata). It is also called as dwarf honey. These honey bees origin are eastern tropical Africa and spread from there to Europe and eastwards into Asia. These […]


My Honey Cares About there Customers My Honey is 100% raw, natural and cold processed or cold extracted honey. Cold extraction of honey is the keys to all honey benefits. My Honey is never commercially processed because My Honey always cares about you. There are some surprising facts about honey, many of us don’t even know […]

Nationwide delivery

My Honey delivers in all Pakistan. Our courier partners are TCS and Leopard Courier Service. Our delivery time is 2 to 3 days. To ensure on-time delivery, write complete address which includes house #, Street # Township name and city name

Cash on delivery

For our customer’s assistance and easiness, My Honey receives payment when our honey is delivered to you. In near future, we will introduce Payment through credit cards.

Free return

My Honey provides money back guarantee till the last spoon. This policy ensures our great honey quality to our customers. Don’t worry about, when you order honey and don’t like the flavor, My Honey will either exchange honey or return full payment.

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