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small bee honey

There are many species, some of them are small, some larger. Apis floera & Apis andreniformis are the small bee or dwarf honey (Giant honey bee are known as Apis dorsata). It is also called as dwarf honey. These honey bees origin are eastern tropical Africa and spread from there to Europe and eastwards into Asia. These stingers are too short to penetrate the mammal’s skin and that’s why mostly it is known as the stingless honey bee.

Apis floera & Apis andreniformis can produce around 350 grams to 1 kg honey in a year. Because of the less production of quantity, the prices are usually very high in the market. Apis floera (small bee) have small colonies compare to Apis Dorsata (giant bee). They have fewer numbers of defensive workers which makes them more venerable to the predators.

Honey that produces by Apis floera (small bee) has been mostly used in traditional medicine. That is why it has gained popularity and considered as superior in quality. Because of the presence of a higher amount of glucose oxidase (the enzyme responsible for its antibiotic activity) has scientifically proven its medical value.

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My Honey Cares About there Customers

My Honey is 100% raw, natural and cold processed or cold extracted honey. Cold extraction of honey is the keys to all honey benefits. My Honey is never commercially processed because My Honey always cares about you.

There are some surprising facts about honey, many of us don’t even know about.

Honey is heated to a substaintial centigrade and therefore honey lost its substaintional health benefits.

Why is honey heated in the first place?

There are two main reasons, first most commercially sold honey has probably been heated substantially (perhaps up to 165F – 73,89ºC). It melts the crystal, separates the impurities and kills every unsafe bacteria. Yes! it affects the honey – Makes the flavor mild a bit and color lighter a bit. Second, In the case of tree honey, it is possible the seller actually, heat the honey in order to separate the honey from the beeswax. The honeycomb is probably heated around 145F – 62,78ºC because, the wax is melted and float on the top for easy separation besides that if honey seller cold press the comb, honey will be extracted in less amount compare to heat extraction. This heating is strong and effects the honey. This process of extraction is known as heat extraction.

Heat Extraction of Honey
Honey has been melted, The wax is floating over the honey

What is the cold extracted honey?

Cold extracted honey is the process of extracting from the honeycomb without destroying the honeycomb, therefore, this process is only applied in case of farming honey. In farming honey, the comb is held in a wooden frame. A drum or container is designed to hold multiple of these honeycomb frame. The drum spins wooden frame of honey (either using an electric motor or using a manual hand machine) flinging the honey out, therefore wax stays intact with the comb, it is reused by the bees and most importantly all the health benefits stay in the Honey.

Farming Honey
Honeycomb in a wooden frame.
Honeycomb spinner
Honeycomb spinner drum


Is it 100% natural, or do you add some artificial flavors?

These are not artificial flavors, actually, honey is referred to the flower, from which the bees collect the nectars. My Honey has promised its customers, that it will always deliver the 100% natural, organic and cold extracted honey.

My Honey provides a variety of organic honey, Sidr Honey is the hottest selling customer favorite item. Only a handful of countries produce sidr honey. Pakistan is one of them. Orange blossom and acacia honey are the 2nd most selling honey.

Sidr (Beri) Honey

Bees collect the nectar from the sidr tree flowers. It’s a thick honey with a rich, lavish and buttery sweet taste. It has a golden light color, which darkens and tends to redness over time. This honey is expensive because it’s a mono-floral honey and the production season continues only for 40 to 60 days in a year.

Sidr tree flowers
Bee is collecting nectar from Sidr tree flowers.

Orange Blossom Honey

Bees collect the nectar from the flowers of Orange blossom tree flowers. Just as the name suggests, Orange Blossom Honey (citrus honey) is honey that comes from a citrus source. This is a very popular honey. It has a light citrus aroma and taste, and its color is white to pale amber. Because of its mild taste and light fruitiness, is excellent to use on toast, biscuits, and other bread. It also pairs very nicely with cheeses and works really good drizzled on yogurt, ice cream, or fruit.

Orange blossom honey
Bees collecting nectar from Orange tree flowers.

Acacia Honey

Honey bees collect the nectar from the flowers of acacia. This honey is very pale. It has a mild, sweet, floral flavor; and is, therefore, one of the most popular honey varieties. Acacia honey is slow to crystallize. This means that it can remain in a liquid state for a long period of time due to its high concentration of fructose.

Acacia Honey
Bees collecting nectar from Acacia tree flowers.

Clover Honey

Clover Honey has Mild floral flavor and leaves a sweet aftertaste. This honey is White or pale amber in color. it’s golden hue and mild flavor make it widely appealing. Clover honey is made by bees that feed mainly on the nectar of the clover plant.

Clover Hoeny
Honey bees collecting nectars from the flowers of clover tree.


Does organic Honey Crystallize?

The short version of the answer is, Yes! organic honey crystalize. To clarify, it solidifies and harden in lower temperature. It is a natural process, and honey is totally safe to eat.

What is the reason for crystallization?

Honey has 2 supersaturated forms of sugar, that is, glucose and fructose. Honey contains a total of 70% sugar (glucose and fructose) and less than 20% of water. The excess amount of sugars makes it unstable, a natural process occurs and honey crystallizes. fructose is actually fruit sugar and glucose is grape sugar. Honey has around 45% of fructose and 25% of glucose.

Following are a myth about crystallizes honey, It is adultered honey or it contains a huge amount of sugar or it is spoiled. But on the other hand, honey that crystallizes, prove that it is organic and pure. All of these are misconceptions about honey. Since the very day first, it is one of the biggest challenges for My Honey team to deal with this myth.

It is not only low temperature that makes honey crystalize,

There are 3 reasons, that honey gets crystalizes,

  1. The ratio of glucose and fructose
  2. Pollen
  3. Temperature

The ratio of glucose and fructose

To clarify, honey contains a big proportion of super-saturated glucose and fructose. The proportion of these 2 varies, with the plant’s bees feed on to make honey. It is the glucose that crystalizes the honey. The increase in fructose quantity in honey, increase the resistance towards a crystallization. On the other hand, an increase in glucose quantity decrease resistance towards a crystallization.


Pollen in honey is totally normal, it actually shows the origin of honey. Honey with pollen is great. Certainly, if pollen ratio is increased in honey, it will also show less resistance towards a crystallization.


Honey will crystallize when storing in lower than 10ºC. Best practice is to keep honey at room temperature as honey never get spoiled.

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My Honey journey, was not an easy journey, let’s begin.”Organic” the word, very rare to hear it in the 21st century. Everything is processed, one way or the other. Likewise many other products, we have lost the organic honey. I am Bashir Khan, a software engineer who is always conscious of organic food and always want to be an entrepreneur. My Honey had one simple goal, Find the best, pure, natural and organic honey to deliver it to people home.

Our Elders

Our Elders has a decade experience in Honey, they ship it across the seas and deliver it to Emirates countries. They have a great amount of experience in honey. Our elders can identify the quality of honey while we can deliver it to the people of Pakistan. Here, My Honey journey was started.
Starting My Honey was full of challenges. First of all, the first biggest challenge was, how could we earn the trust of people. Pakistan online (E-Commerce) industry grow drastically, so as the scams in the industry. We provide money back guarantee till the last spoon because we want to earn people trust factor. The 2nd challenge was, we can rely on selling on a single type of honey, so we started 4 different Honey Sidr honey, Acacia honey, Clover honey and Orange Blossom honey. The returns of consignments were the 3rd biggest challenge. Sometimes customers ordered honey and didn’t want to receive because they had changed their mind. Sometimes courier service does not deliver properly because of bad delivery boys.

budget limitations

Above all of these biggest challenges and budget limitations was also one of the issues. We started My Honey, we try our best to find the best quality honey and deliver to our customers. In short with the help of all mighty Allah, we succeeded in our startup. My Honey started its flight of success in the upward direction from the very day first. Yet there are very big challenges in front of us, Insha Allah, we never stop and always continue delivering great quality of honey. Your continuous feedback is very important. it grows us stronger.
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