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My Honey | The Journey of Organic World!

July 15, 2018 by Bashir Khan0


My Honey journey, was not an easy journey, let’s begin.”Organic” the word, very rare to hear it in the 21st century. Everything is processed, one way or the other. Likewise many other products, we have lost the organic honey. I am Bashir Khan, a software engineer who is always conscious of organic food and always want to be an entrepreneur. My Honey had one simple goal, Find the best, pure, natural and organic honey to deliver it to people home.

Our Elders

Our Elders has a decade experience in Honey, they ship it across the seas and deliver it to Emirates countries. They have a great amount of experience in honey. Our elders can identify the quality of honey while we can deliver it to the people of Pakistan. Here, My Honey journey was started.
Starting My Honey was full of challenges. First of all, the first biggest challenge was, how could we earn the trust of people. Pakistan online (E-Commerce) industry grow drastically, so as the scams in the industry. We provide money back guarantee till the last spoon because we want to earn people trust factor. The 2nd challenge was, we can rely on selling on a single type of honey, so we started 4 different Honey Sidr honey, Acacia honey, Clover honey and Orange Blossom honey. The returns of consignments were the 3rd biggest challenge. Sometimes customers ordered honey and didn’t want to receive because they had changed their mind. Sometimes courier service does not deliver properly because of bad delivery boys.

budget limitations

Above all of these biggest challenges and budget limitations was also one of the issues. We started My Honey, we try our best to find the best quality honey and deliver to our customers. In short with the help of all mighty Allah, we succeeded in our startup. My Honey started its flight of success in the upward direction from the very day first. Yet there are very big challenges in front of us, Insha Allah, we never stop and always continue delivering great quality of honey. Your continuous feedback is very important. it grows us stronger.
The journey doesn’t end here yet, stay with us, we will keep you updated. Visit My Honey and buy the honey you like.

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